SOLIDsleek | Tempered Glass Screen Protector with Easy Alignment Kit for iPhone 13 Series

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SOLIDsleek™ is trademark which registered under Zeelot®. It has developed innovative solutions that protect your phone and you in anywhere
(approving) 3x smooth and 5x stronger than other leading glasses*

9H hardness protection for mobile phone can no longer satisfy the needs of daily use. Solidsleek™ has become a part of our lives, pursuit of which is providing better protection experience for extremity. Affordable and superlative protection will be your decent choice. Solidsleek™ provides full coverage around the iPhone screen, which is compatible with almost all cases in the market.

PureGlass is reinforced at the molecular level, making it stronger and nearly impossible to scratch even with a sharp knife.

SOLIDsleek™ provides full coverage around the iPhone screen, which is compatible with almost all cases in the market.

Easy Application
All Series has antistatic with bubble free
adhesive layer easy for you install by yourselves.

Box Contents:
SOLIDsleek™ Glassx 1
Cleaning Kit x 1

Retina Clear
SOLIDsleek™ Retina Clear Glass designed for your new iPhone screen. Super high retina clear performance will bring the perfect visual experience. Electroplate super smooth Oleophobic Coating
Last-long keeps your screen fresh and cool. SOLIDsleek™ Retina Clear Glass has great performance on anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, and anti-smudge. Ultra-clear and bubble-free application.

Anti Glare
SOLIDsleek™ Anti-Glare Glass has multi-function which is for the serious gamer who demands performance during tournaments. Compared to other brands’ tempered glass screen protectors with coating that wears off over time, SOLIDsleek™ Anti-Glare Glass utilizes the latest etching process to create a smooth surface to keep you on top of your game.

SOLIDsleek™ Privacy Glass is made of ultra-thin tempered glass that's engineered to endure with advanced, fortified material, and equipped with technology to withstand drops, impact and daily wear. Two-way vertical privacy keeps your information safe from curious eyes.

Tested and Proved

Bending Test
Glass tempered for 4 hours and sustainable with O-shape bending test.

Drop Ball Test
Endurance with power of 128g solid mental ball falling from 180cm high for 4 times.

Friction Test
After 6000 times rubbing water drop angle keep 105 degree and above

WaterDrop Test
Electroplate super smooth Oleophobic Coating. Initial waterdrop angle 116-118 Degree.

Pressure Test
0.8mm from edge
pressure test. various
Data Keep between 35-45kg