ZEETEC Accessory Glass By Corning for iPhone 14 and 13 Series

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ZEETEC Accessory Glass by Corning Tempered Glass is the ultimate screen protector powered by Corning® Accessory Glass. Our advanced ion-exchange chemical strengthening process makes it up to 8x stronger and more scratch-resistant than regular screen protectors. Get maximum protection and ensure your device looks as good as new with Zeetec Tempered Glass.

  • Utilizing the latest ION Exchange Technology, our screen protector ensures superior protection for your device.

  • Extra thin 0.4mm thickness for a perfect fit and remarkably clear display.

  • Reduce the harmful blue ray radiation and protect your eyes with our anti-blue ray / retina clear glass.

  • Our strong bending resistance technology allows it to stay firm even when placed under pressure.

  • Using the score wheel test, we have proven this product to be of superior quality and durability.

  • Crafted from authentic Corning Glass, you can rest assured that you are getting only the best accessory glass available